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The Vital Foundation is focused on addressing the needs of individuals with autism.  Through effective research, education, training and advocacy, the Vital Foundation supports families and enhances opportunities for individuals to live up to their fullest potential.


Applied Research: 

Maintain contacts throughout the autism community willing to engage in autism research. Partner with the medical and education industries on research that will lead to qualitative improvements in the health and capabilities of people on the autism spectrum.   


Education and Training: 

Develop or facilitate the delivery of effective products and services that help maximize the education and socialization opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum.  Serve as a conduit between public education, private service providers and commercial product developers.   Be a trusted resource to parents as they manage the role of developing their child’s fullest potential. 



Effectively utilize the power of technology, media, public speaking and relationship to maintain a powerful voice in support of individuals with autism and their families.  Focus that voice on communicating the ‘Capability’ of individuals on the autism spectrum. Continually deliver the message to families that there is hope for a bright future.  Advocate for training and vocational placements that maximize the individual's strengths and provide value for all concerned.  Cultivate opportunities for employment and a rich quality-of-life. 


Please contact us for more information on the services that we offer, or for opportunities to provide support to The Vital Foundation.