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  • Mar21

    Spring is Here

    Author: Rebecca Knowlden

    I like spring; it reminds me that summer is coming! It brings about green sprouts that eventually become beautiful flowers. It’s the preparation of nature that will soon reveal what winter was hiding. 

    Much of what a parent does is like what spring does for summer.  Preparing the way for our children to learn and grow.  Spring is a time of renewal and hope for a brighter future, just around the corner.  The role we play, and the energy we expend during the challenging seasons of parenting will reveal wonderful growth in the future. Even if your child has a few tough issues and your personal skies seem continually cloudy, let the spring season be a reminder of the beauty that is developing.

    Let this spring be an inspiration for you to prepare for your child’s summer. Look at opportunities for summer camps, museum excursions, outdoor experiences, learning a new sport or exposure to a new art form. 

    You have little buds sprouting and they are relying on you for nurturing. Make the most of this time, and enjoy the beauty that is nature, and in your children.

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