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  • Jan17

    Love Language

    Author: Rebecca Knowlden

    I recently re-read a book over the Christmas Holidays.   The Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman. As a matter of habit, I re-read it every year.  Okay, I know, that title is a little ‘touchy-feely’ for some of us (and most of the guys out there), but trust me, there are some great tips in the book. And sometimes we need gentle reminders of the importance of showing and telling those we love, really how much we do care about them!  I bought the book many years ago when I was still in the middle of raising the kids.  There were lots of distractions as I tried to make it through the book.  But I knew I needed some relationship help, so wedging in the time was important.

    The book is primarily about discovering what is important to your spouse, and learning how to communicate and act in ways that support his or her needs.  I certainly wanted help in that area because my poor husband was getting a lot of leftovers…between the kids, my job and the household stuff, he usually just got the “short straw”.

    The book teaches how to reach out to a spouse in a way that is special to them. But in reading the book again, I am again reminded about the need to understand how the principles relate to our other relationships as well.  

    Gaining an understanding and a new perspective into how others receive information and feel loved is helpful in any relationship.  I've learned that the principles in the book can effectively be applied to understanding those on the specturm as well!  By understanding their love language, and by taking the time to truly show love them in a way that they can know and a way that is valued by them.  It’s about looking at things from their perspective. It is then that we get to see a building up of our relationship with them. 

    I guess it comes down to the fact, that we all love it, when people really ‘get us’!

    As we enter the season of sharing and giving, I encourage you to pay attention to the needs of your special loved ones. And with Valentines Day on the horizon, it's a good time to be thinking about how we can really "show our love". 

    Enjoy the season!

    Warm Wishes,



    • Thu, Dec 23rd 2010, 09:23 - sue

      Love Love Love The 5 Languages of Love Books, & CD's I recommend them all the time. Funny I just posted about them on my FB today again! Have a blessed holiday.

    • Thu, Dec 23rd 2010, 11:45 - Sue H.

      I Love This- that you look at life the way my mom taught me... "look for the good in every situation" - sometimes you won't see it right away but keep looking cause it is there." Raising a child with special needs makes life a little different...okay, maybe a lot different. But there truly is an UpSide to each day, and a great hope that your child will enjoy a bright future, and your family will grow stronger through this unique life experience.

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