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  • Nov18

    Grateful for support

    Author: Rebecca Knowlden

    Just about every time I fly, I connect with a person seated next to me on a plane. Yes, I am one of those. I love meeting people!  I know, you might be one of those that “looks” busy, so you won’t have to talk with me.  I get that. Sometimes I too, need to be still and catch a few winks from the busy schedule I keep, and sometimes there is no better spot than on a long plane ride home.

    But on a more recent trip my husband and I were traveling together, returning home from a speaking engagement. This time he got into a conversation with the gentleman in our airplane row. Not his typical deal; he’s usually busy with computer stuff or reading a book and not looking for a conversation with the unknown person next to him.  This gentleman was from the St Louis area and traveling on business.  He had all his business stuff out, but a casual conversation began, (I got in on it too) and as often happens, the subject of our book and autism came up.  I have learned over the last couple years, almost everyone I have a conversation with, knows someone affected by autism.

    In this case, it was the gentleman’s nephew. As the conversation progressed, we came to a point when a very familiar theme unfolded…his nephew and his sister and brother-in-law are in a very difficult place. They are desperate for help, and have lost hope for their son’s future. 

    So during that flight, my husband and I tried to communicate the valuable role he could play as a supportive and understanding uncle.  He said the first thing he would do is buy the book for them. Great, we think that will help a lot!  But we also encouraged him to read it as well, so he could increase his understanding of what his extended family was living through….and find a way to help out.  He then would pass along our website and Blog information.  He was so excited to think that he could help his family in even these small ways.   

    That’s what the Vital Foundation is all about.  Helping parents develop the fullest potential of their children, and supporting the family’s ability to maintain a positive quality of life. 

    All parents need reassurance, help and hope; especially those raising children with special needs.  We are honored to have a voice and a means of providing that needed help.  We vow to make the most of your financial contributions and encouragement to continue our dedicated efforts on behalf of those families.

    Thank you, to all of you that have supported us this past year. We are grateful to you. We look forward to a wonderful 2012.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family, friends and loved ones.


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