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  • Oct04

    Connecting with others

    Author: Rebecca Knowlden

    Today I'm enjoying the last bit of warm sun in this part of the world, the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  It is family day for us. Meals and time together preparing for the big week ahead. 

    Since we were just down south in San Diego at the SDSU Autism Conference , I've had a lot to do upon returning; getting caught up, here in emerald green country. As I look at all the places I have been this year, the best part of all of them is connecting with the families and people who live and work in the autism world. Whether its a visit to a young family with a child on the spectrum, the privilege of speaking to parents and professionals at a conference or an Early Childhood Learning Center, or sharing at a parent support group, the best part is always in the lives I connect to.  

    And I love the opportunity to share our story and the many insights we describe in our book.  It brings such hope and encouragement to parents that are struggling to support their child on the spectrum.

    In particular, it’s a joy to guide parents and the professionals working with our children, to understand their role in developing the fullest potential of these special children.  Helping your child be the best they can be, yes, that’s something all parents can strive for…even in the toughest situations.

    Our son has helped us learn this lesson.  As he says, “I’m really not different or disabled, I’m unique!”  That statement always makes me smile…he’s 23 years old now and it’s the truth!  He is unique! And even though there was a time we thought he had no hope, he’s now capable, funny, smart, talented and working towards a future that is filled with possibilities. 

    If you haven’t had the chance, I encourage you to read our book "On the UpSide. Hope for parents...success for the child with autism " and put the tools and principles we talk about into action.  We believe it will help keep you on the path toward a future that is filled with possibilities!

    Have a great week.


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