About Us


Raising a child with autism makes life a little different...okay, maybe a lot different.  But there truly is an UpSide to each day, and a great hope that your child will enjoy a bright future, and your family will grow stronger through this unique life experience. 


There are myriad psychological, social, physical and educational needs associated with special needs and it can sometimes be pretty overwhelming.  The Upside Today website is focused on helping you find productive ways of communicating with others and navigating the world of specialists, therapies and family dynamics.  Ultimately, we want to help enhance the quality of life for everyone in your family.


The Vital Foundation

The Upside Today is a division of The Vital Foundation, a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization focused on addressing the needs of individuals with autism.  Through effective research, education, training and advocacy, the Vital Foundation supports families and enhances opportunities for individuals to live up to their fullest potential. Please take a look at our Vital Foundation link for more detail about our work.


Rebecca KnowldenThe Vital Foundation Executive Director is Rebecca Knowlden.  Rebecca works tirelessly to support families with special needs children. She draws from her experience as mom of a child with autism, and her ongoing collaboration with product and service providers, educators and parent groups. 


Rebecca and her husband Mark Knowlden are authors of the book 'On the UpSide - Hope for Parents......Success for the Child with Autism.'  Through her leadership, the focus of The Vital Foundation is always on the wellbeing of the entire family, and on providing resources and hope to parents and professionals dealing with special needs individuals.